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Anna Maria Morello, Teresa Jabłońska and Aldo Audisio
at the Gallery of Art in Koziniec at the Italian part of the exhibition "Young Poland"


The director of Museo della Montagna (Museum of the Mountains) in Turin, Italy, Mr Aldo Audisio paid a visit to the Tatra Museum, Zakopane in the first half of July, and was accompanied by Mrs Anna Maria Morello, a senior public official of the Piedmont Region in Italy. The talks with Mrs Teresa Jabłońska, director of the Tatra Museum, concerned the possible future cooperation of both museums.


Cooperation will tentatively commence in June 2009 with an exhibition to be displayed at Koliba villa of some of the oldest and most precious photographs of mountains and alpinists of the 1850s and 1860s from the Italian museum's collection. These photographs were taken by, among others, the celebrated brothers Auguste-Rosalie and Louis-August Bisson, who were pioneers in the field of alpine photography (Louis-Auguste Bisson is also the author of the only known photograph of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin). In Autumn 2009, a large Tatra Museum exhibition is planned in Turin, bearing the working title "Exploration of the Tatra mountains" and organized to mark the 120th anniversary of the Tatra Museum. For its part, Museo della Montagna will prepare an extensive exhibition of its collections related to the culture and history of the Piedmont region, which will be displayed in branches of the Tatra Museum. Also in 2010 a retrospective of mountain films from the archives of Museo della Montagna will be shown at the annual Zakopane Mountain Film Festival. Museo della Montagna is also the seat of the International Alliance for Mountain Film which gathers together the organizing committees of all the most important mountain film festivals across the world, and is in possession of an extremely rich film archive, including a 7-minute film about the ascent of the Matterhorn in 1901.

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