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The Tatra Museum is organizing its 2nd Night of Museums on Saturday, May 16, from 20:00 to midnight. The Night of Museums across Europe has the patronage of the Council of Europe. The exhibition "The Time of the Tatra Explorers" at the Art Gallery in Koziniec will be the highlight of this Zakopane Night 2009. The visitors will have the exceptional opportunity to meet the exhibition's curators and learn everything they always wanted to know about the exploration of the Tatra mountains and the Highlander culture which took place in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Free entry to all events.

During the Night of Museums, the main building of the Tatra Museum will be illuminated thanks to Philips Lighting Poland.


The complete programme of the Night of Museums 2009 at the Tatra Museum in Zakopane:
The Art Gallery in Koziniec, Zakopane, ul. Koziniec 8
from 20:00 to midnight
- guided visits to the exhibition by its curators
- film documentaries from the series "The Tatra Conquerors" directed by Jacek Zygadło
- photographic studio (please bring your cameras)
The main building of the Tatra Museum, ul. Krupówki 10
from 20:00 to midnight
- guided visits to the  history exhibition by Dr Jerzy M. Roszkowski.
The Museum of the Zakopane Style at "Koliba" villa, ul. Kościeliska 18 
from 20:00 to midnight
- apart from visiting the permanent exhibition on the Zakopane style, the visitors will have the opportunity to meet Dr Zbigniew Moździerz, the author of "The Tatra Museum's Buildings and People" exhibition which shows the buildings that have housed the Tatra Museum and the people connected to the institution's development.

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