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June 4 - September 11, 2011
The Museum of the Zakopane Style at Koliba villa
Zakopane, ul. Kościeliska 18
Jolanta Flach is a Zakopane journalist who graduated in environmental engineering but is an icon writer by vocation. She produces icons according to the Eastern canon, using traditional techniques. The subject-matter of her icons draws inspiration from Byzantine iconography.


Jolanta Flach has been living in Zakopane since 1994, where she is a well-known journalist and photographer for the local weekly newspaper “Tygodnik Podhalański”. Her journalistic travels resulted in interesting photographs which have been displayed at several exhibitions.

In 2001, she became interested in Orthodox architecture and travelled a lot from Shlakhtov Ruthenia (along Poland’s south-eastern border with Ukraine) to the town of Przemyśl, from the Beskid Niski mountains to the Bieszczady mountains. While documenting the region’s Orthodox churches, she got to know and love the art of icons. After several courses of icon writing (the art of painting icons) in Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Greece, she started to write icons herself. In the exhibition at Koliba villa the artist also introduces visitors to iconographic motifs, figures of saints and the technical process of icon-writing.

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