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This unique art piece by Witkiewicz can now be seen at Willa Oksza. The artist is one of the most famous Polish artist of the 20th C. He founded his own firm of portret-making and he remains famous for this. He defined rules for five different categories of portraits (which he named after the letters A to E) : each one had its own characteristics and its price. The children depicted here belong the the A category : designed in a hyperrealistic style on a background including surrealistic features.


The painting is even more exceptional considering the lack of interest Witkiewicz had regarding portreting children and the fact that there are to this day, very little double-portraits known painted by him. Moreover, the picture was not an ordinary order : the father of the two children was Witkiewicz's friend. Until this day, the masterpiece was exhbitied only twice since it remained the property of the Fisher family during 89 years.

The Fishcer family were very attached to Zakopane, and so was the grand-father of the children, Ferdinand Tabeau. He hold the first pharmacy of Zakopane in the 19th C. which was situated on Krupówki, where the actual n°19 is situated. He is also the one to have financed the expeditions of the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski to the Antipodes in which he was joined by Witkiewicz.

The painting, which was bought to Ludwik Fischer's son at the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the museum for the price of 250.000 zl, is coming to complete a collection that gathers already more than 80 pieces from Witkiewicz. The purchase was financed by the Voivodina of Malopolska.

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, „Portrait of two children – Krystyna et Ludwik Fischer”, 26 X 1925, pastel/papier beige, 109,5 x 99 cm, sygn. l.d. NP, 2P, NP2, P,NP1, 3P/1925 26 / X / Ignacy Witkiewicz

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